Thanks for the good reception!

Well just to say this is a new blog and that I have been truly overwhelmed by the increase in visits over the past two days. We have well over a 100 people visiting daily which isn’t bad for a blog which is just a day or two old.

At the minute I’m trying to get a couple of guest writers in to give us their views on the way forward for the UUP over the next couple of weeks and hopefully things can continue to grow! Also I’ve fixed the appearance up a bit and added a few widgets to the side and a new banner for the top of the page… if anyone has any suggestions then feel free to drop me an email and as always feel free to comment  or ask any questions you like and once again thanks for visiting!

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One Response to Thanks for the good reception!

  1. dilettante11 says:

    Hey, its always nice to have a new unionist blog offering a different perspective. I’m just waiting for the TUV-backed Provisional/Continuity Unionism. 😉

    Oh, I’ve put you in my blogroll too, sorry for not getting round to it earlier.

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