The Waistcoat rebellion

Today we discovered that we have a new deputy leader of the assembley team of the UUP… what crony of the upper echeolns could it possibly be? What vile back woods outdated 1950’s style unionist could the outdated anti liberal monstrosity that is the UUP possibly make its new deputy leader?

John McAllister…..

Wait a second isn’t this the same John McAllister who has written on the progressive unionism blog? The same Basil McCrea supporting MLA who supports liberal policy reform within the UUP? The man touted by many “progressives” as a bright star of the Progressive movement? Well then what on earth is Tom “Back to 1950’s” thinking? I thought the old men of the UUP were trying to force progressives out! I thought they were tryign to take the party back to the past! But wait a second it turns out that NO they were actually just trying to make the UUP a vote winning party made up of differing unionist opinions from as broad as spectrum as possible (what madness!) including hardline hardnuts and apparently the “loopy left” and indeed evrything in between.

So now that the big bad boogeymen of the hardline old timers at the top has been exposed as nothing more than the nightmares of a few queens students what hope is there that the liberal element (who lets not forget were counting on John “i’m now part of the same elite you fought against” McAllister to stand up for them) has lost their champion? Well many will now come to their senses…. others recently elected to the Queen’s student council (Congratulations by the way) may feel they have more to prove and therefore will keep the rebellion (of the Waistcoat wearing student style) going ever onwards towards oblivion. Mark my words this sudden acceptance of party leadership by John will only speed up the demise of the rebellious progressive element…


Well either that or as some really believe (I’m not making this up)the conservatives and alliance will have to two largest parties…. and we shall all be dancing around the camp fires playing tambourines and singing kumbaya.


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Thanks for the good reception!

Well just to say this is a new blog and that I have been truly overwhelmed by the increase in visits over the past two days. We have well over a 100 people visiting daily which isn’t bad for a blog which is just a day or two old.

At the minute I’m trying to get a couple of guest writers in to give us their views on the way forward for the UUP over the next couple of weeks and hopefully things can continue to grow! Also I’ve fixed the appearance up a bit and added a few widgets to the side and a new banner for the top of the page… if anyone has any suggestions then feel free to drop me an email and as always feel free to comment  or ask any questions you like and once again thanks for visiting!

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The 2010 Club

Well over on slugger O’Toole — — Eamonn Mallie in all his glory informs us that “A caucus of unsettled Ulster Unionist party members met in secret last night to take stock”. I know many of you will find such an explosive piece of journalism hard to take in… I mean how could the man know that a small group of students decided to meet up in a Belfast bar last night? Oh wait they do that most nights… Ok but how could he have known that these students would all be back on a Monday when they had left the city for the weekend? Well I suppose most students who don’t live in the city do that every single week but hey don’t take it away from Eamonn because without him who would have known that some liberals within the UUP were becoming disenfranchised?

My problem with this story is that far from this meeting being some sort of progressive unionist meeting to form a resistance network it was in actual fact a couple of students sitting down a pub complaining about Tom Elliott because “like he’s a big farmer” and ” a throwback to the 1950’s, lad” in comparison to the rightful glorious leader  known only as “El Basil” (who was only beaten because no one voted for him which isn’t fair). O’Neill quite rightly points out on a comment over on “Three thousand Versts” that any of the “Big Hitters” (if they can be known as that, big egos would be better) who would have been “2010 club” members have now gone (Ringland, Bradshaw etc.) into the abyss and as is being continually pointed out on Slugger O’Toole those who are left are nobodies or at best a couple of councillors,  John McAllister and a motley crew of student activists of the waistcoat wearing variety.

Ultimately nothing for Tom to worry about, a pointless exercise in being pointless perpetrated by the “Basil-ites” of Queen’s .

Lets just say the 2010 club is no Reform Club…

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Progressive unionism

Over on Progressive Unionism’s blog I was reading an article by a young UUP member named Katie entitled “Will mistakes of the past now Haunt Unionism?” in which she points out how Edward Carson famously told the Unionist Government at Stormont to look after the minority Roman Catholic population and how in the progressive unionist mind they failed to do this and so were responsible for the IRA’s murder campaign in the troubles. We are of course given the now customary line of “we need to communicate” with the unionist people better and the ever present undercurrent in which Unionism is portrayed as sectarian is of course evident. But of course we know that the IRA fought a civil war against the Irish people in the Republic of Ireland, we know that Irish republican terrorists have waged murderous campaigns on the Irish people long before Carson or Craig were even thought of and we also know that Unionism has always been portrayed as sectarian by those who wished to destroy the party… but now things are different.

Where condemnation of the UUP was once for the Civil rights movements and then later the nationalist/republican parties and groups with a few rumblings from Paisely now it has extended even into the UUP itself. Where once the party was splitting over being too liberal (the vanguard years) some members of the party now view the party of O’Neill as being too hardline. In fact they even view the modern Roman Catholic welcoming, orange seperated, seeming secular party as being too hardline… and thus proceed to lambast it for its darkages stances and out of touch mentality though when one actually stops to see the progressive unionist’s mentality do we find one in touch with most ordianry unionist thinking? NO, instead we get some atheistic, wishful thinking, liberal vision of a northern ireland that quite simply doesn’t exist. Most people (on both sides of the fence) aren’t lovey dovey with their religious or political opposites and in fact quite a few don’t want anything to do with “the other side” and for all intensive purposes don’t. Yes when a camera is on or when their comments will be seen by more than “family and friends” people quite often don’t want to say their true sentiments but let’s face it going by the number of flags, painted kerbs, flute bands and orangemen I think we can safely assume that for quite a lot of Unionists the union is indeed important contrary to what some progressives may tell us.              

I believe that for the UUP to survive it has to reassert itself as a UNIONIST party and has to try to win votes from the ordinary man rather than pandering to the University crowd and I do honestly believe Tom Elliot can do that. It will take time and won’t have taken effect by the next election by hey who knows by the following elections the fortunes of the UUP might have changed

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Hello World!

Well Hello and welcome to Real Unionism, a blog which is about real unionism! I’ll be commenting on most matters of interest to unionism from the ordinary man’s view rather than the media crowd’s or even the oh so progressive university crowd’s view and hey maybe with your help we can make a difference to the Unionist blogosphere!

Oh and feel free to post but keep it civil!

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